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Little Dragons
The Little Dragons class was created to instill the fundamentals of martial arts for 3 to 5-year-olds. With a focus on balance and coordination, basic martial arts skills are gained in a learning environment built around children and how they learn.
Your child will learn the basic techniques of martial arts such as blocking, kicks, and punches in a fun environment. All sessions and practicing are done in a "game" manner so children can learn the moves in a fun and safe environment.
Kids - Eclectic Karate in South Easton, MA
Like any martial arts class, important safety tips are instilled and the Little Dragons class focuses on subjects such as personal safety, traffic safety, fire danger, and stranger awareness to ensure your child is well prepared.
Our junior classes teach conflict resolution and self-defense. Our instructors are thorough in making sure each child understands the skills they learn in class are meant to gain discipline and to be used on others ONLY when all other solutions have been exhausted. Eclectic Karate's mission is to encourage confidence and strength within your child.

Confidence. Bravery. Discipline.

The Junior class will encourage your child to learn using listening and self-control that is necessary for school and everyday life, while in an environment of fun and healthy competition.
Class Schedule
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